My Journey with Remote Teaching

First, I have to say I am enjoying teaching remotely more and more each week. Teaching virtually has its challenges. I am in the beginning stages, in which I am trying to figure it all out and do what I think is the most effective and efficient way to get things done.

I would recommend thinking about the expectations you want for your remote students just as you would in the traditional classroom setting. Below is a copy of the expectations that I use with my students. Click the image below to make a copy. Many educators are using bitmojis and it has become a trend. It is cute and it is fun to look at something that is appealing to the eye, but it is not something that you have to do. There is a Facebook group that you may want to join where educators share their classrooms and you can edit it. The group is called Bitmoji Craze for Educators.

There is a misconception by some that the Learn From Home Teachers have it easy because we don’t have students. That is so far beyond the truth. We have students, but they are not in person. We still have students who will find a way to exhibit inappropriate behaviors. We still have lesson plans to complete. We still have PowerPoints and various presentation media that we are creating. We still have assessments to create in a digital format. We still have work to grade. Believe me when I say our workload did not decrease. If anything, we have added a lot more to our plate. I am creating more for my learn from students than I have ever had for my traditional students.

As a virtual teacher, I can see how you can become overwhelm and quickly burn out. I am continuing to try to figure out how to get ahead. For those of you who have not started teaching your students remotely, I highly recommend that you start planning now and creating the materials that your students will need. This way you will start with your head above water.

My personal opinion is it is much more difficult to teach remotely than teaching face-to-face in a traditional setting. Why? It requires a lot more preparation, organization, and precision. You will have to be able to present information in a more concise way. I only have 30 minutes for each whole group session for each content area. I do not have the time to go look for something.

I had a difficult time finding a google slide template that worked for me. I did not want anything complex. I like to keep things simple. I am sharing the template that I created with you. I hope this will be helpful and will make your planning process a little bit easier.

Click here or on the image below to receive a copy of the template.

I hope the above materials will be helpful to you with your virtual teaching journey. If you have any ideas or suggestions about other things you would like to know more about, let me know. Be sure to follow my blog, Youtube Channel, and Instagram for more helpful tips and templates.

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