Small People Need to Be Healthy

Are you considered small by others? Are you small and know you need to lose weight in certain areas, but because you are small others tell you or think you don’t need to lose weight? If you answered yes, then I understand. Society thinks that if you are small, you don’t need to lose weight when the reality is you can be small but have quite a bit of unhealthy fat on your body. Small people can have health problems just like bigger people. It’s amazing to me how most of the time you don’t hear about our struggles with fat in certain areas of the body and people normalize it, like it is good.

I’m not saying try to lose weight to a point that is unhealthy, but lose the weight where it is necessary. I need to lose weight around my abdomen, upper thigh, and a little on my back. When I wear clothes, of course, the public is not going to notice because of the clothing that I choose to wear. There are some clothes that I have that I refuse to wear because if I did, you would think I am expecting a child. I want my body to be fit so when I wear those clothes, I will look the way I should look when wearing them.

I started the Weight Watchers Freestyle program a little over a week ago so I can lose the weight in the areas in which I mentioned. It’s going well and I have lost 5 pounds and 1 and 3/8 inches off of my waist. I am ecstatic because I tried going to the gym and noticed I wasn’t losing anything, but I found it was my diet. It hasn’t been the best for a long time due to me going to restaurants and making unhealthy choices. I was making those choices because I didn’t think it would affect me, but it did. It didn’t matter that I was small, the junk food isn’t good all the time. The way the Weight Watchers program is set up, it allows you to have some of the food you like in moderation. It’s not like you are going cold turkey without some of the foods you love which can cause you to fall off the wagon. So, if you are small and feel like you need to lose weight in certain areas, I highly recommend Weight Watchers. If you need some support along the way, I will be there for you.

You can follow me on youtube at Tronya’s Truth or send me an email at It’s time we empower each other. Small girls need to stay healthy, too.

Check out the video below, by clicking the link, about my journey with weight watchers so far. I will continue to share my progress and the food choices that I am making during mealtimes.

Weight Watchers Freestyle Journey

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